Don Kon Ten Shan

Don Kon Ten Shan – syllables used to describe the sounds of the koto and taiko.

Brisbane based Don Kon Ten Shan formed in 2015, combining classical Japanese music using traditional  instruments such as koto (Japanese harp), taiko (drums), shamisen (banjo) shinobue (flute) and narimono  (percussion), with western music. Expressing a theme of harmony in music, to show how the traditional sounds of Japan can be balanced with western instruments and contemporary performance practices, utilising  technological developments.

Recent performances include the Bris Asia festival, Wa-Gakki Brisbane city hall concert series and a tour of the
Townsville region, for a series of club performances and workshops.

Copy right John Pryke Photography

Don Kon Ten Shan have been active in developing a Japanese Music school program consisting of workshops and performances to expand students cultural interests and enable them to use their language skills in a practical  setting.

Takako Nishibori: Koto, Shamisen
Chie Kajiwara: Taiko, Shinobue
Phill Wilson: 17 strings bass koto, Guitar
Steve Mason: Taiko, Narimono


Takako Nishibori