Gen 絃

East meets West. “Gen 絃” is a duo of string players that have created a fusion of Koto  and guitar.
Copy rights photographer Redson Selvam and MDA

After 30 years of playing within the Japanese tradition, Takako has begun to explore new boundaries for the Koto.  Partnering with Phil (Deepblue Orchestra,  Chucknee ) on the guitar, Gen have created a new fusion style of Koto & guitar music that respects the essence of traditional Koto music. Gen challenges the traditions of East and West to find the new meeting points that creates a very unique harmony between Koto and guitar.

Phill’s compositions have been performed by Orchestra, mixed ensembles and bands. He also works as an audio engineer and within the fields of arranging, live sound and film scoring. Recent tours have included Australia, Europe, Japan and Malaysia – while works have been performed at the 2010 world expo, Shanghai; 2012 Lantern Festival, Taiwan; as well as Indonesia and Vietnam. In 2008, he received a star on the Brisbane city Brunswick Street rock’n’roll walk of fame.



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Takako Nishibori